Kullu Tour Guide

Kullu is equally famous to travel like Shimla and Manali.  Travellers to Himachal Pradesh always want to have a package with a combination of Kullu with Shimla and Manali. Kullu being a beautiful hill station is also have great spiritual Indian past. Many of temples in Kullu are linked to a great historical story of old time. Kullu has also notified in many of holy Indian books like Ramayana

Kullu Town View

Kullu Town View

And Mahabharata and even in literature of Sanskrit. Kullu is third ancient city of India after Kashmir and Kangra. Kullu references had been found on many of ancient coins.

Other than being an ancient significant city, Kullu is also getting ahead as the travel destination of Himachal Pradesh. Kullu geographical feature like river Bias, heights and valleys and narrow glens with vast stream of river makes it distinguish and must travel destination. Kullu is also prominent for hand woven shawls and local caps. You can buy them while having a Kullu tour.

How to reach Kullu

Kullu town can be reached by air and by road easily. Nearest railways station is located either at Joginder Nagar (120 kilometres) or at Kirtpur (200 Kilometres).

Kullu by  Air

Kullu valleys have an in house airport located 10 kilometres away from Kullu town at Bhuntar. Not many flights comes to this airport as the runway length is just 4100 feet, a small aircraft can land on this airport. Jagsons airlines operate smaller carrier flights to Buntar.

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Kullu  by road

Kullu is connected to its next city Mandi by national highway 22. Same highway gets ahead to hook it up with Chandigarh. Travellers can get direct Volvo in order to reach Kullu from the capital Delhi. Budget travellers have option to use regular public road transport available to Kullu town.

 Kullu by train

Kullu tour can be done enjoying the toy train journey between Pathankot and Joginder Nagar. From Joginder Nagar (120 kms from Kullu) a taxi could be hired to reach Kullu town.  Secondly it can also be reached booking the train tickets till second near station at Kiratpur. But a large number of travellers from big cities come by personal taxies using road.

Sightseeing Places in Kullu

There are number of sightseeing places in Kullu got famous for its ancient spiritual past and also by favourable geography and river bias.

Bijli Mahadev

River Rafting in Kullu

River Rafting in Kullu

Bijli Mahadev temple is the main attraction of Kullu town. Temple can be reached after having a trek route of 3 kilometres from the village Mansari; it is 10 kms away from main town towards the south east. Bijli Mahadev is famous because during old time an idol of Lord Shiva used to gets stroke when it starts lighting on temple. The priest of temple used to try to set up the apart idol, but it always gets returned to its original form when lighting on the temple finishes.

Raghunath Ji Temple

Raghunath temple is devoted to Lord Rama. It is located 1.5 kms away from Kullu town. This temple has been made by Kullu Raja Jagat Singh in 1661. It has been believed that Idol of Lord Rama has been brought to Kullu from Ayodhya by a Brahmin called Damodaran Dass. Initially it was placed in Manikaran later in 1651 it was shifted to Kullu by Raja.

Bekhli Mata temple

Bekhli Mata temple is devoted to deity Jaganathi. Temple is located at Bekhli, place famous for trees of Bekhli around. It is 12 kilometers away from Kullu town.


Manali is situated 40 kms ahead from Kullu town. It hardly happen travellers visit Kullu without Manali. Manali is the rare combination of adventure, snow and views.

White River Rafting in Kullu

Kullu tour is quite famous for the white river rafting sport organized here round the year. At many locations in Kullu town, river Bias flows in favourable manner that makes these sports possible in Kullu. Bias have adequate slope and depth just 1 kms ahead from Kullu. River rafting is great adventure for couples, families and kids. Rafting professional follows proper safety while organizing this activity.

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